The Daewoo Leganza – A Rare Bird


Rear Windshield Tinting – The Leganza in Limo Tint

Glass tinting is both popular and a great way to protect your investment. We recently received a submission from an owner 1998 – 2002 Daewoo Leganza who tinted their auto glass with our 5% VLT Rtint film by Rvinyl.  Even if you’re not sure how to tint a car you can find everything you need to know with our videos and instructions. You can even buy tint for specific windows-a fact which makes Rvinyl stand out from the crowd because I’m not aware of anyone else who does so.

English: 1999 Daewoo Leganza. Shot taken on a ...

What’s a Daewoo Anyway?

Daewoo was a Korean automotive manufacturer that catastrophically failed at the beginning of the second millennium. Fortunately fro Daewoo and South Korea, GM swooped in and rescued the company from complete ruin. Anyway, Daewoo made some great cars while they were aroun and, from time to time, you may see one or two on the streets. Take a gander at these pics and enjoy your Monday!Rear-Windshield-Tint-Daewoo-Leganza-1998-6 Rear-Windshield-Tint-Daewoo-Leganza-1998-5 Rear-Windshield-Tint-Daewoo-Leganza-1998-4 Rear-Windshield-Tint-Daewoo-Leganza-1998-3 Rear-Windshield-Tint-Daewoo-Leganza-1998-2

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