Tonneau Covers for Your Truck – Strange Word, Cool Accessory

Putco Stainless Steel Tonneau Skin Covers

Tonneau Covers for Your Truck – Strange Word, Cool Accessory

Even if you’ve heard of tonneau (prounounced “TON-NO”) covers before you may never have actually seen the word spelled. I know that the spelling alone has caused headaches for our product specialists and designers as they add Putcos Tonneau Skins to our sites and into our eBay and Amazon listings. But, just what is a tonneau cover and where does the word come from?

Putco-Tonneau-Skins-6Tonneau – French Origins for an All-American Accessory

When you think about it it’s kind of funny that the word tonneau comes from the French word for barrel when we see it used almost exclusively to describe pickup bed covers–pick-up trucks being distinctly American if only as a stereotype. In essence,  the tonneau cover is used to conceal and protect the cargo in your truck’s bed  According to Wikipedia:

The most common style is the roll up tonneau made from cloth or vinyl which uses a rib-like structure to support the fabric and keep it taut. A snap-based system is also used, but has become less common due to truck owners not wanting to install the snaps on their vehicle as they typically require drilling or permanent adhesive. Roll up Tonneaus are opened by rolling the cover up toward the cab of the truck.

Interestingly enough, tonneaus first appeared in convertibles and roadsters only later becoming commonplace on trucks.

What are Putco Stainless Steel Tonneau Cover Skins?

Putco’s stainless steel truck Tonneau Cover Skins are designed protect and enhance your truck’s appearance at a price you can afford. In medieval times, knights would charge into battle fully suited and their steeds would be armored just as heavily. Your truck works just as hard as any knight’s mount ever did so why not give it the protection it deserves? Treat your truck bed walls with some respect by protecting and upgrading them with Putco Stainless Steel Tonneau Cover Skins.
Made from Putco’s proprietary NeveRust™ Stainless Steel and backed with self-adhesive 3M automotive tape for ease of installation. Simple installation, Putco’s lifetime warranty and solid stainless steel construction mean you can be confident when you buy that you’re getting a quality product that will last for years to come.3


What are some of the highlights for this Stainless Steel Tonneau Cover Skins?

  • NeveRust 17 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Easy no drill installation
  • Precision fit with or without stake pocket holes
  • Putco Skins are The Very Best for the top of the bed protection
  • Installs via pre-applied Red 3M tape
  • Highly polished NeveRust stainless steel gives a sharp mirror finish
  • Replaces factory bed cap
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty


How do I install Putco Stainless Steel Tonneau Cover Skins?

All hardware to install these stainless steel bed caps are included and installation is simple as no drilling is required! Detailed and application specific instructions are included with each kit. In addition, Putco offers technical assistance by phone to ensure successful installation.


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