Vinyl Wrap – Wood Grain Interiors in a Hurry

Wood Grain Wrapping Vinyl – Affordable Luxury

In today’s world it’s not very often that you can find a product (especially when talking about auto accessories) that is both high-performing and inexpensive. That’s why we’re tickled to share our latest line of wood grain vinyl wrap films for your vehicle’s interior. These high-quality, thermo-formable (this is a fancy term we use to mean it works well with heat) vinyl wrapping films give you all of the stylistic advantages of our woodgrain dash kits but with more freedom and coverage than an interior trim accent kit could afford.

Before we continue on our brief tour of wood grain films, however, let’s let the pictures do the talking for us. In the four photo submissions below we have a beautiful example of our high-gloss, Honey Burlwood film installed in a 2012 Chevy Surburban.


Wrap Kits – The Perfect DIY Accompaniment to Your Project

You may be surprised to hear that our vinyl wraps in woodgrain finishes are one of our biggest sellers precisely because they are so easy to work with and lend themselves to a number of architectural applications. In fact, besides being used to quickly and inexpensively spruce up the interior of a car or truck, these wraps are often used to refinish cabinets in homes and offices, to outfit RVs and as boat wraps. Perhaps the coolest application I’ve ever seen with our woodgrain vinyl was the Blackwood used on a sled in Alaska.

Rosewood Vinyl in a Classic Car

Breathe New Life into Your Classic Car

The photo above shows one of my favorite but (sadly) discontinued wood grains installed on a classic Buick dashboard. The great thing about many of our wood dash vinyl films is that they are actually textured to mimic the look and feel of real wood. Add to this the fact that a wrap kit can be had for $14.99 and you have a winning combination on your hands.

Wood Grain Vinyl - Wrapping Vinyl

Great Features of Rvinyl Wood Grain Wraps

Before we hit the road, I wjust want to give you a more complete undrstanding of some of the best features of the film that I may not have touched on. Enjoy the liste and, as always, don’t be strangers!

  > 3 mil thickness
> 3 year limited warranty
  > Rated to withstand 180 degree temperatures
  > Can be removed without damaging your application area
> Designed for heated applications on curved surfaces
> Flexible film designed for moderate to extreme curved applications

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