Smoked Headlight Tint – Black Out Your Scion tC’s Headlamps at a Fraction of the Cost of Spray Tint


In the market for smoked headlight tint for your Scion tC? I so and you are serios about blacking out your headlamps you want to compare the cost and complexity of using a vinyl tint film with a product such as a spray tint. In essence, the advantages of using a film can be summed up in a few brief bullet points and they are as follows:

  • Self-adhesive tint is semi-permanent and can be removed without causing damage to the composite or glass headlights.
  • The cost of tint is generally less than the cost of spray tint and the labor to have your lights painted.
  • If you decide you don’t like the color you can remove the tint and select another–you have to buy new headlights if you spray them.
  • When you buy from Rvinyl you get an installation guarantee that provides you with low-cost replacements.

Now that we’ve given you a quick run-through of the benefits I think it’s clear that Rvinyl smoked precut tints for your Scion tC are the right choice for you if you have ever considered tinting your lights. And, because we want to convince you, we’ve included some of our most recent customer installation photos of dark smoke headlights. We’ve also just released a line of true black, high-gloss headlight tint film which Ijust know everyone will love. As soon as I get rebate photos in of it I will make sure to post them!  But, for now, enjoy the pics:

Now that you have witnessed the greatness of dark smoke headlight tint film don’t you want to give it a try yourself? IF so, don’t forget about our $20 instant photo rebate where you can get up to a $20 refund on your order for submitting 6 high-quality, large (at least 1024 pixels in width) images of your Rvinyl product installed on your car. So, if you’re feeling game, go ahead and buy a headlight tint kit for your Scion tC today!


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