A Bite from a Beauty

Great post but even more incredible photos! Chrysler is really revving up these days and truly is THE come-back kid to beat. The Viper has returned and I, for one, am glad for it!


The day finally came in New York City when the SRT Viper showed off its brilliant steel body. Its release on April 4th showed us all that Chrysler truly was making a come-back. A few years ago, during the financial crisis in America, Chrysler had to cut back some of its budget. This included the shutting down of the Dodge Viper model. However, within the last year, the economy and Chrysler have been doing quite well. With that, Chrysler forms an SRT brand division and the Viper slithers again!

When unveiled, it became an instant crowd-pleasing automobile. Everyone wanted a glimpse of the cherry-red Viper. The redesign of the automobile gives the Viper a more modern italian supercar look than the original model. All the more, it still looks like a mighty car. The hood’s new design looks quite fitting with a semi-retro look to it. Under that hood is…

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